Engineering Technologist

  Job content

    • 3  month evaluation/probation period:

      During the 3 month evaluation period in Sri Lanka, your key responsibility will be as following:

      Convert 2D drawings in to 3D with Solidworks and create assemblies , Use Solidworks motion to animate and analyze machine assemblies , Finite element analysis of mechanical systems , Learning and practicing Solidworks CAM (work from Home)

    • After the evaluation period:

      At the end of the evaluation period, each employee will be assessed.  The contract will be renewed only for the selected employees based on their performance. Your job content will rotate in many sections/ departments including the work in machining workshop for two years,  until your Japanese language level gets improved. 

      After two years, you will be selected to either department of machine designing or specialized machining according to your performance. 

  Position Requirements


      • Candidates with a Bsc. Degree in the field of Mechanical/Mechatronics engineering or a relevant field.
      • Also considered : NDT/NDES/HNDE/OUSL or a similar Diploma (minimum 3 years long) in field of Mechanical engineering or relevant field



      • Basic salary during evaluation period  –  LKR 110,000 

      • A monthly allowance of maximum LKR 15,000 will be paid for personal computer , internet connection and medical insurance. 



      • Applicants should have knowledge on 2D and 3D drawing with Solidworks

      • Excellent communication skills in English is a MUST.
      • People who have hands on experience or knowledge on one or many of following  fields will be prioritized.
            • Industrial Robot Arm controlling
            • Microcontroller programming
            • Image processing/AI /Machine learning
            • Motor controlling
            • CAM
            • Motion analysis/simulation

  Level of experience


      • Fresh graduates are welcome. Job experience is not required.

  Period of contract


      • Selected candidates have to work from home during the 3 month evaluation period in Sri Lanka. Individual employee performance is assessed during the evaluation period. Contract will be renewed only for the selected employees based on their performance.

      • After the 3 month evaluation period, contract will be renewed for further 2 years.
      • Renewal of contract will be done continuously at the end of each 2 year contract period.

  Other Requirements


      • During the 3 month probation period, you have to work from home. Therefore, only for the evaluation period, the candidate must have a desktop computer or a laptop that has performance, sufficient for working with Solidworks 2020 version. 

      • The candidate must have a web camera, mic (laptop with inbuilt camera and mic is also sufficient)and an internet connection for working from home and for video conferences. 

Application receiving has been discontinued.