What is standardization?


Standardization is one of the important efforts for companies to improve their competitiveness, and it is possible to maintain the quality of products and services above a certain level.

Standardization can be promoted by formulating appropriate standards and clarifying procedures and methods for applying them.

Promoting standardization in product manufacturing has many benefits, such as improved quality, improved productivity, and reduced costs.

By standardizing work procedures, differences in work content and work time between workers can be eliminated, improving work efficiency.

It also reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary work.

In product manufacturing, standardization of production lines is also important.

By standardizing the production line, the productivity of the entire production line can be improved.

In addition, since product quality can be maintained at a certain level or higher, the rate of defective products can be reduced., and customer satisfaction can be expected to improve.

In order to promote standardization, it is important to understand the current state of business processes and production lines, and identify appropriate points for improvement.