Summary of Efficiency/Effectiveness/Outcome

2023 Apr 7

効率 kouritsu Efficiency
効果 kouka Effectiveness
成果 seika Outcome

Efficiency and existing technology are closely related. Existing technologies have been improved over the years and efficient methods have been established. So you can get more done in less time using existing technology.

Existing technology can provide reliable and stable results based on many years of experience in the field. For example, traditional manufacturing methods for industrial products have been improved over the years to achieve higher quality and efficiency. Therefore, by using existing technology, it is possible to increase production while ensuring quality. On the other hand, when developing new technology, troubles and adjustments in the initial stage may take time, and it may take time for quality to stabilize.

One of the existing, technologically perfected technology is 3D motion simulation, which can be utilized to represent the equipment/workshop/factory more realistically in the digital space.

Machines are controlled using PLCs and robots. Therefore, it is necessary that people who handle PLCs and robot control specialists to collaborate to control machines. Maintenance also plays a very important role. Therefore, maintenance personnel must work together to keep the machine in good working order.

The use of 3D CAD data and motion simulation enables more efficient communication and collaboration between robot arm programmer and PLC programmer and also with other personals who are involved in the project.

Another use of 3D motion simulation is to understand customer’s needs. Mutual understanding, smooth communication, and information sharing with those in charge of manufacturing technology and product technology are essential. By using 3D motion simulation, we can share more information with each other and use it for product development and improvement.

In the manufacturing industry, increased productivity leads to increased efficiency. Production line efficiency, production process optimization, equipment automation, material optimization, inventory management optimization, etc. These efforts save time and waste resources.

Improved quality leads to improved efficiency. Product quality affects consumer satisfaction and product reliability. These include effective management of manufacturing processes, implementation of quality assurance systems, and optimization of inspection systems. These efforts enable us to improve product quality and increase product reliability.

Better profitability leads to better results. Profitability improvements include increased sales, improved profit margins, and reduced costs. Optimizing product development and design, expanding sales channels, and reducing raw material costs contribute to improved profitability.

Specifically, multiple people work together using 3D motion simulation. Through this work, we aim to create greater efficiency, effectiveness, and better results.